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Another Auld Lang Syne

Posted by MeTymeMN on December 28, 2008

Five months 😳 after my last post, I noticed that I’m coming up on my 1 year Blogoversary next month.  Why is it that when we’re younger we want time to move more quickly because we’re so anxious to grow up, but once we’re adults we find ourselves frequently wanting time to slow down??! 

It’s certainly been a humbling look back through 2008.  There are so many things to mention, but so little time (almost my bed time and both hubby and I are sick so am trying to rest)…so I’ll stick to just the highlights:

😀 My oldest graduated high school and just completed his first freshman semester at college.  We’re still waiting to see his final grades but are cautiously optimistic that he made as much time for his studies as he does for his computer.

😯 My youngest got his drivers license.  He’s a great driver, but still scary to hand him the keys and watch him walk out the door.

😛 I went back to work again after a two-year hiatus. Even after six months now, I still don’t remember how I did it before when I worked full time, raised two kids and a husband (!), ran some semblence of a house and had time for things like knitting. Knitting? What’s that? I do absolutely positively love my job and thank God for it every day.

😆 I learned about blogging! I even went so far as to get into HTML and CSS code and learned some pretty funky things that can be visually displayed on a web page! Practice makes perfect, so having been away from this for a bit it wasn’t surprising that I remembered little about how to do things like indent paragraphs and had to go back and look at previous posts. At the same time, I was directed to – and signed up with – Ravelry! Though I’m a bit behind in keeping up with that, too, I still think it’s one of the best things to hit the net (which I’m sure you can’t appreciate unless you knit/crochet/craft)!

😛 I discovered Double Ewe Yarn Shop, met some incredibly wonderful people and even branched out and (for a while anyway, before the work thing started again) joined a KAL on Tuesday nights. Like a lot of things right now, this one has taken a back burner to other things but I miss it – the people, the comraderie, sneaking those purchases into the house at the bottom of my project bag and doing the old “of course that’s not new, it’s been upstairs in the closet forever!” But getting back there is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

8) My husband and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary at Wisconsin Dells. That was the first time I’d been there and thoroughly enjoyed three days of soaking up the sun by/in the wave pool; alone with my husband. Very relaxing and very overdue.

😯 Had another fantastic and blessed Christmas, but was blown away when hubby – who swore he would never do this – gifted me with a beautiful necklace and earrings! I’m behind on the picture taking thing, too, but will get something out here this week while I’m off (hopefully!). Cried of course, more because of the sentiment and the thought/love behind it.

I know there are probably things I’m forgetting, but these are the ones that stick in my mind.  There were of course some very challenging events and situations, but those are the things that make us stronger; that make us survivors; that round everything out and allow us to count our blessings and realize that there will always be people who are less fortunate than we are, to give back and forward where we can and be thankful for what we have.

On that note, I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, blessed 2009!


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I’m Still Alive!

Posted by MeTymeMN on July 14, 2008

I am in no way shape or form complaining about having a job or even specifically my job, but MAN is it hard to get back into the swing of things after being home for two years! Sometimes I’m embarrassed and feel old because I’m just pooped when I get home at night; it’s not like I have a physical job or fall into the blue-collar genre – I’m white collar and just THINK for a living for crying out loud! 🙂

Speaking of job – I absolutely love mine; I’ve been known to pinch myself in the middle of the day making sure that it’s not just a dream while simultaneously wondering what I did to deserve such blessings.  The job is great; company’s great; location is great; staff and co-workers are great…sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

Knitting.  I almost remember what that is.  If it wasn’t for my best friend suggesting a girls’ day over the weekend it would have been a couple weeks since I even picked it up…though come to think of it I did get to do a couple hours of clickin’ and clackin’ over the 4th of July weekend when traveling to/from my in-laws in WI.  So as I type this I have 3/4 of the last row and then the bind-off on my shrug and I can block that FO and finally wear it!  I’m really pleased with how it turned out – I did it up in a soft/muted mustard-yellowish color; I’ll post pictures for sure because that description doesn’t even sound appealing. 

I’m also ashamed to say that I haven’t yet cast-on for my Summer of Lace project 😦 that started on June 21.  Ugh!  I wanted to finish the shrug before I started another lace project.  So it is my sincere desire and PLAN to case-on at some point this week, this weekend at the latest.  I don’t think it’ll take me two months to finish it (Melon Pattern Scarf), but then again I never really thought I’d go two weeks without knitting anything either!

I received my socks from my partner in the Saucy Spring Sock Swap and she included a ton of goodies and treats to compensate for being late in getting them shipped off.  Presents will always work!  You can see pictures here:

So you know that #1 graduated last month…well #2 turns 16 today!  <sniff, sniff…my baby!>  He’s living with his dad for most of the summer in order to work for his uncle (it’s only 40 miles away) in their cabinet shop; I’m all for future planning and this kid wants a car REAL bad!  Good – goals are good!

I’m fading quickly here so need to wrap this up.  Hope everyone’s doing well, and for my DE Tuesday night friends – I WILL be back, I promise!!!!!!  I miss you guys!!!

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The Winds of Change

Posted by MeTymeMN on June 19, 2008

WOW – it’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted. I have been pretty swamped over the past couple of weeks with a number of things. First and foremost: I have my first high school graduate now!!! It was a wonderful ceremony, and OF COURSE I cried. My son is extremely gifted in the voice department and has been in choir with church when he was younger and in school since the first grade. He’s made all of the “best of the best” sub-groups in the school choirs, received countless “Superior” ratings at choir competitions and even won the North Campus Idol competition in 10th grade with two of his friends. With the exception of two of the regional competitions and when his choir sang at Carnegie Hall in New York last year, I’ve taped everything he’s ever done!  Long story short, he wanted to quit choir this year, I said no, so he got himself kicked out.  I was devastated and cried for two weeks straight.  So when a few weeks before graduation the choir director extended the olive branch and asked Ryan to come back and sing with the choir at the graduation commencement ceremony…the waterworks started all over again and I walked around with a goofy smile on my face all that day! I made it through the ceremony up until the end when the choir sang America The Beautiful; then I lost it. Which made it really difficult to tape him. But even after all of this time, in a group of over 100 kids, I can still pick HIM out; I can still hear HIM among everyone else. Damn I love that boy.

The quality is not the best in either one, but here is his North Campus Idol performance (the judged performance was actually done earlier in the day and this was an open-to-the-public performance that evening): 

And this is America The Beautiful from his commencement ceremony; the band does a beautiful lead-in, but if you’re pressed for time you can skip ahead exactly 2 minutes:

So a lot of time is spent right now getting ready for his graduation party, along with attending a lot of his friends’ graduation parties. And of course dealing with all of the storm damage with the house. On top of all of that…I finally got a job (I haven’t been working for 2 years now)!! So I’m going back into the same field I was – IT – for a great company that’s in a whole different industry (which is what I wanted) and is only a 20 minute drive for me from my house! I really am so excited to start…which is next Monday (6/23), the day after said graduation party!

YOU BET I’ll be buying yarn now that I have money again – woooo hooooo!! Not going too hog wild yet because I don’t want to build up the stash I finally managed down, but it’s just a great feeling knowing I CAN if I WANT to.

My shawl is DONE!  Tooting my own horn: not too shabby; I can’t wait to wear it.     

Then I’ll cast on here for my Seasons of Lace: Summer of Lace item, the Melon Pattern Scarf; excited to get that started as well. I’ve got a shrug on another pair of needles right now as well, and that’s as much as I can do all at one time otherwise I’ll be too mentally overwhelmed – especially with all of the other non-fiber-related things going on.

I finished my Saucy Spring Sock Swap socks…not the ones that I had posted about earlier because those were FAKE! Well the SOCKS were real, but those weren’t really the ones for my partner because my partner in this swap ended up being my best friend! She’s even the one who picked out/up the yarn for me at Yarnover (unbeknownst to her of course)! So I had to pretend that the socks I made with the yarn she picked up for me were THE socks for the swap. In the meantime I’m scrambling to make another pair with completely different yarn I went out and purchased, but I can’t blog about it because she reads my blog!!! I had to be vewy vewy sneaky. Thankfully she WAS surprised that it was ME and seems to truly love the socks and goodies that I sent along. You can see pictures of everything out on her blog.  It’s probably also a good thing that it turned out this way – having made two pairs – because the partner who is making the socks for me hasn’t sent them yet (deadline was June 6); she says she plans on getting them done/sent – and I certainly hope so – but just in case I at least DO have a pair I can wear.

I started blogging while I was unemployed and home all day, and it is my sincere desire to keep doing it after I go back to work again…but I’m also realistically expecting that it won’t be as much or as often. I sure will have lots of great things to blog about here over the summer though, so I hope you’ll stay tuned!

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This sucks, but…

Posted by MeTymeMN on May 26, 2008

I am not so shallow or self-absorbed that I don’t realize how lucky we were…keep that in mind as you read through this.

I was in my truck pulling my camper about 7 years ago in the midst of straight-line winds; I had never been so scared.  Though my truck was being blasted by hail as I’m trying to find cover somewhere on the road, it was all the trees falling in front of me on the streets that truly terrified me.  By the time I made it to my destination (which was a hitch and welding shop) two of the workers came running out of the building yelling “tornado” and almost pulled me out of the truck and into their shop…but not before I saw the tree fly OVER the building.  When I got home, two bedroom windows had blown IN and all of the walls were now decorated in floor-to-ceiling wet leaves, the glass patio furniture had exploded on impact with my deck doors, and a few other things, but at least I didn’t have a tree in my kitchen like my neighbors.  Ever since that day, I get REALLY uptight when there’s even a hint of severe weather.  The kids roll their eyes and say I’m over-reacting when the sirens go off and I make them go downstairs; hubby runs outside as soon as the sirens start going off so he can see what’s going on.  Is that a GUY thing???

We’d been watching the weather and news most of the day yesterday because we knew there was a chance of severe weather in our area.  At about 4:00 we were looking at ugly radar and tornado warnings abou 40 miles northwest of us…smack dab over my ex-husband’s town…where my 15 year-old was.  I called out there and he said they were down in the basement and getting about golf ball size hail at that time.  Radar was showing the storm moving in a northeastern direction, so it didn’t look like we’d get hit with the severe stuff.  Around 4:30 it started moving directly east.  Around 5:00 I told my 17 year-old that I would drive him to work (instead of him taking my truck) because I didn’t want my truck sitting in a parking lot if there was a chance it would get hailed on.  At 5:15 I told him I was driving him to work a half hour EARLY because it was the ‘calm before the storm;’ so we left.  At 5:25 I pulled back into our garage, closed the garage door and stepped into the house, and that’s when the hail hit.  I don’t even remember seeing rain, I just remember seeing hail – probably because that’s all I could hear.  My husband was next door (neighbor had just graduated from his MBA program and was having a party) already, so I rounded up the cats and ran downstairs.  Cats lasted about 10 seconds and ran back UPstairs again – the hail hitting everything was so much louder downstairs than it was on the main level!  I could hear glass shattering as I was running down the stairs, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.  It lasted about 5 minutes though it felt like at least an hour.   We had hail that ranged from pea size to golf ball size to even baseball size.  The glass shattering I heard was all the poor cars of our neighbor’s guests – there were 3 or 4 that had windows completely smashed out, others with holes in their windows and some just peppered with dents.  We were having people take turns pulling up in our driveway where we vacuumed out the glass and put plastic over the openings where the windows used to be.  Ironically we had just picked up a couple rolls of duct tape and had a couple huge rolls of plastic and it worked great – we got word from our neighbors this morning that they all made it home with the plastic still in tact.  So I wasn’t really focusing on taking pictures of the car damage – and kept saying thank you to God that I got my truck in the garage before this hit – so much as the damage sustained to our own property.  They say that pictures speak a thousand words, but not necessarily pictures that are taken by a lame photographer (me).  These really don’t do justice to the the full scope and detail of the damage, but it’ll give you an idea:


If I had to walk it in the rain or snow, 2 miles would seem like an extremely long distance, but in this case 2 miles feels almost like our back yard…it was 2 miles north of us that the tornado hit, completely destroying 50 homes and severely damaging 100 more.  But by far the saddest aspect is the 2 year-old who was blown out of the house and landed in a pond in the backyard.  So far that’s the only fatality that has been confirmed.  I guess he had a 6 year-old sibling who was blown out of the house with him; her heart stopped but they got it restarted in the ambulance.  She and both of her parents are in the hospital.  I just couldn’t even imagine.  As I said in the very beginning, compared to what happened right up the road, we are so very lucky that our damage was only cosmetic and for the most part only superficially.  It’s a pain in the butt now to deal with, but we have our HOME intact and we have our LIVES intact.  Every time I start to feel even a little sorry for myself because of something going on in my life, there always seems to be something else that puts it all in perspective.

All day Saturday (I still can barely stand on my stiff little legs) was spent laying down 4 yards of new mulch all over our property, setting up and planting all of our annuals as well as hubby’s herb garden, and his pride and joy (hopefully) for this season – the Topsy Turvey Tomato planters!  We certainly have our fingers crossed, and take it as a very good omen that they survived the storm.  We love love love Bruschetta, and it’s never as good as it is with freshly picked tomatoes!

The hostas didn’t fair too well, but although I never wish harm to any of our perennials, I’m not a huge fan of the hostas we have (planted by the original owners, all the same size, shape, color, etc.) so am looking forward to mixing things up a little bit with a wider variety. 


The hanging baskets are a little more painful because I do them all from scratch, and we spent the majority of our time at the nursery on Saturday trying to decide on what to put in the baskets this year.  Hubby doesn’t believe they’re dead, just sad; so I’ll baby them over the next week or so and hope for the best.




A tiny little miracle…

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Posted by MeTymeMN on May 22, 2008

As God as my witness, I did NOT stage any of this or blow it into piles – this is what I saw when I went into the garage this morning.  My poor husband said he left his car window open last night (in the garage), and with the way all of this swirls around…yep, he had a little cotton cyclone going on in this car this morning driving into work!!

He had also said that when he mowed the lawn over the weekend, he had the bagger on, and when he opened it up the cotton was in “sheets” inside the bag and he had to pull it all out in order to get it out of the bag.  I can’t even sit out on the deck right now and knit (or do anything else) – even though it’s supposed to be sunny and 70 today – because it blows around so bad and lands all over my knitting. 😦 So we’re kinda stuck inside, but hopefully not for much longer.  They’re predicting low 80’s over the weekend, so I don’t care if I have to wear a surgical mask, I will be one with the sun!  TTFN!

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