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Wow – I’m blogging!

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 3, 2008

My best friend helped me get set up over the weekend…I’ve never blogged before so this is my first time!  I have a feeling the look and feel of this little site is going to change a hundred times in the near future while I learn all the ins and outs of this.

The title MeTyme (as in me time) is pretty self-explanatory – a place where I can share information on the things that interest me.  Being the only female in a house full of boys (not including our 3 cats) I’ve come to expect very low enthusiasm when I finish a pair of socks for instance – husband and kids are all supportive for sure, but in their defense it’s probably as exciting to them as it is to me when one of the kids tells me he hit level 70 in World of Warcraft…it’s not something I can directly relate to so I smile and say “that’s great,” which is what I get in return!

Other than knitting I crochet, cross-stitch, would love to needlepoint but am not yet ready to sink that kind of money into it, and I love love love to read and play the piano.  I started taking piano lessons 2 years ago after hitting a mid-life crisis and turning 40, quitting my 14-year job (I volunteered for a layoff) and thinking about all the things I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t/couldn’t, like playing the piano.  My first trip to Vegas will still have to wait – probably a good idea to have a job and an income first!  

That’s it for now – just wanted to get a little introduction out there.  I’m watching the clock as I have a series of job interviews this afternoon 39.7 miles southwest of where I live, right at the time that they’re predicting anywhere from 2-7″ of snow(!), and need to go make some breakfast and figure out what to wear (I’m a corporate professional and given the ‘business casual’ dress codes at most companies I’m never sure whether a power suit at an interview is too much or if dress pants and a sweater would come across as not professional enough…but usually err on the side of the power suit).

I’ve watched how much fun my friend has had with her blog and all the different friends she’s made and am hoping to eventually experience the same things – so if you’ve stopped in to take a very short (at this time) look around, I hope you’ll say hi!


6 Responses to “Wow – I’m blogging!”

  1. knitgirl63 said

    I’m so proud of you, you’ve really figured things out CP. I may have to go to you for help – ha ha!

  2. Welcome to the insanity!

  3. Barbara said

    Welcome to Blogworld!

  4. metyme said

    Aw, thanks ladies! I think Kat hit it right on the button…INSANITY! I’m addicted!

  5. Kim said

    Welcome to blogland! You’re going to love blogging! I’d err on the side of the power suit too. Hope your interview went well.

  6. metyme said

    Thanks, Kim! I had 3 interviews on Monday, 1 Tuesday and the last 2 this morning (all for the same job), and I know it’s down to me and one other candidate…so now it’s a waiting game. For someone like me who wasn’t born with the patience gene, this is by far the hardest part. So in the meantime while I wait…I’ll blog!!

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