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Guilt-tripped by my cat…

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 7, 2008

This is what happens when she knows I’m getting ready to leave for a while – she’ll flip onto her back with her front paws curled in and her back legs sticking up…she knows I canNOT resist this!  Who could??!!

Am I cute or what?


2 Responses to “Guilt-tripped by my cat…”

  1. knitgirl63 said

    You’d never know what a scaredy cat she was when you first brought her home – now if you can get a photo of Zoe (or is Madison?) in that, shall we say, not so ladylike pose??

  2. metyme said

    That’s the epitome of needing to have that camera just sitting in my lap when Madison goes into her “porn” pose! If I were only a fraction as flexible as a cat! But I’ll see if I can catch her in that position…

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