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My First KISS

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 10, 2008

Here it is…my first K.I.S.S.! Well…not too bad! I learned a couple lessons about blocking, though, that will definitely help with my next one (and there will definitely be a next one).

I used Rowan Tapestry on size 7 needles; this is so nice and warm as I write this on a day where it’s -40 degrees here in MN! I went outside long enough to try this on and see how well it ‘works’ in the cold. Otherwise we don’t go out when it’s 40 below!

My BF made me one for Christmas and I was on a mission to make one, too! I’m a freeze baby and always in turtle necks in the winter, so this is a great change of pace from a scarf. Here’s the one knitgirl63 made me:

Now I can start what I should have done before the K.I.S.S. which is my son’s earflap hat that he’s been waiting for (in my defense he was gone for the weekend when I was going to start his hat but he needed to provide his input before I could start…and who wants to have a whole weekend without something to knit, so I started the K.I.S.S. instead!).


2 Responses to “My First KISS”

  1. knitgirl63 said

    Who’s ‘we’? Some of us are willing brave it. Bahhhh!

    Nice job on the K.I.S.S., did you end up frogging it and starting over? You were concerned over the neck part, remember?

  2. metyme said

    Nope – I just went with it and figured this one would be my “prototype!” I’ve got yarn for two more!

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