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Anyone else born without the patience gene?

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 11, 2008

I had a total of 6 different interviews last week for a job, and now it’s the waiting game.  Unfortunately, I don’t do well with the waiting game.  I had the ugliest internal fight with myself all day today trying not to call the recruiter with the lame, see-through excuse of having some questions when I really just wanted to know if they’d made a decision yet (it’s down to me and one other person, and they thought the decision would be made today or tomorrow).  My better self won and I didn’t make the call, but can feel my confidence level diminish significantly as each minute ticks by…which is why I don’t do well with the waiting game!

For those out there who pray…I would love a prayer or two that if this job is not what’s in God’s plan for me that He give me the strength to continue forging ahead looking for the job that is.  For others out there – I would also love just a positive thought that this all comes together.  I should mention that I’ve been out of work for over a year and a half…the first 13 months I was on severance, then the next six months on unemployment.  I’ve been seriously looking for probably close to 8-10 months now and always seem to get sooooo close, but in the end obviously no offer has been extended yet.

Hopefully my next post will be a very positive one!


One Response to “Anyone else born without the patience gene?”

  1. knitgirl63 said

    Please know my fingers, toes, eyes, legs (wait, those are a tad too chubby to cross decently) are all crossed and know that I’ll be sending a prayer for you. Maybe a gazillion, I’ll see what I can fit in.

    And as you already know – what will be will be – and though we may not understand why when we don’t get a job, I’m beginning to think that it’s okay that someone else got a job I posted for because it must really SUCK if *I* didn’t get it. Ha ha!

    Hang in there, CP. You know I’m rootin’ for ya and so is hubby.

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