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Shameless Exploitation

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 12, 2008

I just received the nicest (knitting) compliment…I’m a new member of Ravelry and have been slowly trying to get my project information catalogued.  This morning I received a request to feature my photo of Yummy Socks by Beth Brown-Reinsel on their pattern page!  I knit these socks last month (you can see them via the link in my side bar) and really love the way they turned out (it may just be coincidence but so far the best/nicest looking socks I’ve made have been on two circular needles vs. double-points); but I’m cataloguing for ME, not for the primary purpose of sharing my finished projects with others (though I do like this feature of the site as well).  I’m truly humbled. 

 I know – it doesn’t take much, but that just made my entire day!

p.s. still waiting to hear about the job, but as of this morning I do know that an offer has NOT been made to the other person yet either – makes me feel better as I wait this out!  They’re hoping today or tomorrow.


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