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Step Sisters (well, Step Cats)

Posted by MeTymeMN on February 13, 2008

We have a “blended family” of 3 cats – my husband had Madison (grey/white) and Zoey (black) and I had Lydia (tortoise). Then we got married a little over 2 years ago and moved all 3 cats (and 2 teenage boys) into our new house.  Unfortunately the two older ones (Madison and Zoey) really don’t want anything to do with the almost 5 year-old (Lydia) and for all intents and purposes they just try to ignore her; SHE’S not going to stand for that so there is definitely turmoil at times.

But all in all they’re just the greatest girls I could have (since I didn’t have any human ones)!!

Are they absolutely adorable or what?  That’s Madison and Zoey.  Personally I think Zoey has the less-desired spot, but then again what do I know – Madison loves to groom Zoey so they’re obviously very comfortable with each others bodies!

That’s Lydia on top.  Doesn’t the camera just make them look EVIL??? Possessed??? It’s cute at the same time, though!

This has NEVER happened before…it’s probably the first and only time it will (which is why I quick grabbed the camera)!  These two can barely walk by each other without hissing and here they are sharing a brief moment together – in the same chair even.  My husband wouldn’t believe me until I showed him the pictures!


3 Responses to “Step Sisters (well, Step Cats)”

  1. Kim said

    Great photos! I love the eveil “headlight” eyes!

  2. metyme said

    Thanks, Kim – I can’t seem to get a good head-on picture of any of them without the headlights! I guess red-eye reduction on my camera doesn’t apply to cats.

  3. the weather channel igp

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