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Posted by MeTymeMN on February 27, 2008

…a KNITTING PATTERN DESIGNER virgin, that is!  <I bet a hundred guys just clicked the hell out of THIS site!> 

One of my favorite local hang-outs, Double Ewe Yarn Shop, is having a promotion where if you knit a ‘string’ or ‘market’ bag (with yarn purchased from them) in the month of February, then during a specified time in March any yarn you can fit into that bag is 20% off!  Needless to say this sent my commitment not to buy anymore yarn until I used up what I already have right into the crapper; I’ll be saving money if I buy yarn!

I’ve never heard of nor seen a market or string bag before and found a ton of them on-line.  Thinking that I most likely would never actually take this thing into a market and put food (or anything else) into it, the vision in my head was to use it as a knit/crochet project bag.  So after looking at a gazillion of them I found a pretty simple pattern I liked and made my first one, which I called the Experimental Market Bag, which is the result of a couple modifications to a pattern called the Sunshine String Bag.  One of the things that really stood out for me when searching for a pattern is that for the most part they’re all pretty much the same – yarn-overs and k2tog’s or ssk’s in different combinations. 

So I’m psyched about this sale and enjoyed making my little bag, and of course had to share this cool little deal with my BF.  Now said BF doesn’t live all that close and doesn’t drive, so when she’s up here at my house we usually find ourselves doing a little yarn shopping on this end of town.  She’s never been to Double Ewe (I just found it myself a few weeks ago), and because she was so so busy getting ready to go to Stitches West in CA ($%^&*) I told her I’d make her a bag – with yarn I’d purchased at Double Ewe – and she, too, can send her commitment not to buy more yarn to the crapper and save 20%!  I wonder if she honored her other commitment not to buy anything when she was out at Stitches this time…!  Cakers, if you’re reading this and came back empty-handed, you have the iron will of a mountain!  If you didn’t come back empty-handed, that’s my girl!!!!!!

My original intent was to just make another one like I’d just done, but I started getting an image in my head of what a neat little market bag could look like…and subsequently spent the last week playing around with my idea trying to make it ‘work’ as a finished product.  Eventually my husband stopped asking me “are you ripping that all out AGAIN?!”  I think he gets it now!  🙂  The end result…<small drum roll please>…is the Diamond Six Market Bag.  Why Diamond Six?  Because it has six “diamonds” on it!  Am I a creative marketing guru or what??  I like the way it turned out – it’s 90% how I envisioned it in my head – but when it was all done my first thought was that the diamonds could have been bigger.

All in all, I guess I like it mostly because it’s my very first design, it’s functional and I’ll use it.

Now I’m off to start another idea that’s been floating around in my head…this one, if it turns out, might even merit a copyright (if there isn’t one already).  No idea where all these creative juices are flowing from…but as long as I have the time right now, why fight it?!


3 Responses to “I’M NO LONGER A ‘VIRGIN’…”

  1. knitgirl63 said

    You’re a flippin knittin’ machine, girl, good grief! I love both bags, I am so not worthy of you now, you have surpassed me. Grrr.

    BTW, I did buy yarn, one skein for a class I ended up taking that I hadn’t planned on and needed it for the class. Ha ha! Oh wait, I did buy something else. Damn, definitely no willpower. I bought a kit to make felted slippers, they’re called Snuglets. Check me blog, matey, you’ll see of what I speak.

    I also bought you something from the Ravelry booth, but you have to wait until the 8th to get it. I missed you!

  2. metyme said

    Thank you much, dearest! Just remember WHY I’m a knittin’ machine right now…wouldn’t recommend following the same path!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the Ravelry stuff!!

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