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The SWEET Look and Feel of Spending $$ to Save $$

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 4, 2008

As I’d mentioned before with regard to the Experimental Market Bag and the Diamond Six Market Bag, one of my local yarn stores Double Ewe is having a promotion – make a ‘string’ or ‘market’ bag with yarn purchased at DE and whatever you can fit in there is 20% off.

√Step 1: Make bag.  √Step 2: SHOP AND FILL BAG!


It doesn’t look like there’s a lot in there…














…but sometimes looks are blessedly deceiving!












I got all that wonderful yarn (and even a pattern)…and I saved $20!!!  That’s 2,515 yards of yarn – Misti Alpaca, Crystal Palace microacrylic/nylon, Austermann Schurwolle superwash wool, Cascade Cotton Rich DK, KOCT Ty-Dy and Malabrigo Merino wool – for about $.31/yard!  If that’s not cost-justification then I don’t know what is (and I don’t want to know either)!


I just signed up for “Stash Knit Down 2008” on Ravelry, the intent being a commitment to shopping at MOLYS (my own local yarn shop, a.k.a. my closet) and using up at least some of the yarn I already have before purchasing any more.  See…the thing is, I have 3 more balls of yarn that I NEED(!) to get because DE doesn’t carry them, sooo…well thankfully yarn diets are flexible like food diets – I’ll start tomorrow!


2 Responses to “The SWEET Look and Feel of Spending $$ to Save $$”

  1. Knitgirl63 said

    I just don’t know if I have that much willpower to do the stash thing 100%. But I’ll watch you and see how much YOU have.

    I like the bunny that hatched, mine was a kitten!

  2. metyme said

    For me, I’d be happy with two steps forward, one step back instead of vice-versa: knit down 500 yards before buying another 250. Remember – small, obtainable, realistic goals to start with!

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