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Hurts So Good

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 10, 2008

Went to a St. Patty’s Day party on Saturday night, and in my own defense I honestly didn’t think I had that much to drink – only 2-1/2 glasses for crying out loud!  Okay, they MIGHT have been 16 oz. glasses, and I MIGHT not have had that much to eat that day.  But if jabbering non-stop at the end of the night and all the way home wasn’t an obvious clue, the shakes, sweats and wondering which end was going to extoll its virtues first at 4:00a.m. certainly drove the point home. 😯 It’s a shame I can’t remember BEFORE I start drinking why I don’t like to drink too much. My wonderful husband was sympathetic and made me pancakes and eggs for breakfast!  My wonderful cats were also sympathetic and let me sleep in…NOT!  Let’s explore a most accurate depiction of their supportive, selfless mentalities:

Fortunately, there’s a very positive UPSIDE to spending a Sunday on the couch: lots of knitting! I made a bunch of swatches, trying out both different cable patterns and cabling without a cable needle. Really liked a number of the different cable patterns and completely fell in love with cabling without the cable needle! I am now a cabling fool and have a million different things I want to make with cables. Once I finish my other stuff, of course. Though “finish” can be a relative term… 😆

Aside from job hunting and cabling, my energies this week will be spent on remembering what I felt like on Sunday so as not to make the same mistake again this Friday night (dinner party) or Saturday (another St. Patty’s Day party). At 29 years old (!) I would hope that I would learn from my mistakes and not repeat them…or at least not real soon after making them!


One Response to “Hurts So Good”

  1. Jeanice said

    What a great cartoon!!! Captures kitty behavior perfectly!!!

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