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The Beauty That Lies Beneath…

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 18, 2008

marchsnow-1.jpgThis is what a lot of Minnesotans woke up to this morning after an evening of snow.  It’s the wet, sticky snow that clings to the branches and makes for a lovely Norman Rockwell picturesque scene out the windows.

But it is what’s beneath the surface – what you can’t see or immediately ascertain from these photos – that is the true definition of beauty: 









…IT WILL ALL MELT IN A DAY OR TWO!!!             




WHITE IS NOT BEAUTIFUL!  It’s cold.  It’s dirty.  It’s cold.  It’s bland it’s boring it’s depressing.  It’s cold. 

Bring me GREEN!  Bring me VIBRANT, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL COLORS in annual and perennial gardens; in hanging baskets and accent pots!  Bring me back my variegated grass and my Asian Lillies!!  I WANT TO SMELL FRESHLY MOWED GRASS!  I want to read the Sunday paper on my deck!  I want to knit in my screen room!

I WANT TO GO CAMPING!  I want to watch movies OUTSIDE on the back of the garage!  I NEEEEED to open my windows and feel a warm breeze coming in!

I NEED SUMMER!  And we’re over the hump now, so it makes getting a few inches of snow – knowing that the rest of the week is going to be in the upper 30’s and low 40’s – tolerable because it won’t last!  I can hear rapid dripping right outside my office window here…beautiful music.

Okay…I think I’m done with my “inside” meltdown.  Time to go knit something summery. 


2 Responses to “The Beauty That Lies Beneath…”

  1. Miss T said

    I’m ready for green, too!

  2. Knitgirl63 said

    Sigh…still such a cold baby…in case you haven’t noticed, it’s dang near all gone already! I was shocked coming out of work today after having trudged through the snow to the bus stop this morning. Nice surprise! See, even *I’m* ready for spring (summer can wait for just a bit, not all of us WANT 90 degrees PLUS humidity!).

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