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Random Babbling Today

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 25, 2008

Announcing The Saucy Spring Sock Swap

After my little temper tantrum a couple blogs ago about being so completely done with Winter, it’s no surprise to me that I completely latched onto the idea of doing a sock swap.  I had commented to my friend PC that when searching for a fun swap I was a little frustrated that so many of them just swapped patterns and yarn instead of MAKING socks that get swapped.  Long story short, I’m too new to Swap-bot to actually host a swap yet so she agreed to do it for me!  I recently learned how to cable without a cable needle and completely fell in love with the technique, so my whole obsession here was to find a cabled sock pattern to do the swap…and we found a beautiful one!

If you’re interested in checking it out:… or you get jump straight to sign-up at:


I’m most likely in babble mode today because Mom – bless her – was kind enough to leave the @#$%^&* pan of remaining brownies here at our house Sunday night when she left.  Combine just a “couple” of those little brownies with a little Mountain Dew and zzzzzzzzzzzip I’m wired!

We had our Easter celebration at our house Sunday and it was very very nice…especially considering that we found out Friday morning that we were having it here!  But it was the easiest holiday dinner my husband’s ever put together:  my mom had already bought all the food, she just didn’t have “the facilities to make and serve it all…so if you wouldn’t mind??”  Reheat the ham a little, throw potatoes, crescent rolls and green beans in the oven, serve and chow.  Since he’s the king of bloody mary’s, that’s where a good portion of his time and effort went!  There are about 15 ingredients that he puts into each bloody mary, and they truly are the best that most people have had (or so they say).  And by the grace of God I somehow managed to find a little empty pocket in my stomach for a brownie of course; probably because it was so stretched out by that point.

A Beautiful Way to Go

I had warned my son that Christmas and Easter were typically when people came out of the woodwork and made the effort to go to church, so we need to get there really early to make sure we got a seat.  We were out the door by 7:30am and at the church by 7:37am for 8:00am mass…and were the 3rd and 4th people inside.  Ooops.  So plenty of time to sit and pray and watch everyone else coming in.  There was a rather old woman that came in (probably 90) pushing her walker, and she had the biggest, brightest smile on her face!  It really caught my attention anyway – the kind where you just can’t help but smile just because someone else is.

At some point toward the end of the Homily, she died.  Just closed her eyes and passed away just sitting there in the pew.  I had never met her, never seen her before, but I couldn’t help but get tears in my eyes; how sad and beautiful all at the same time.  She was someone’s daughter, and I thought the man with her may have been her son so she may have been a mother, and maybe a sister, and I’m sure a friend…I couldn’t help but think it’ll be a sad day for her loved ones.  And yet for me personally, I couldn’t imagine a better way to go than just ‘falling asleep‘ in church on Easter morning of all mornings, where we’re celebrating the salvation that is now ours when we do die and to praise and thank Jesus for that gift.  I guess I find that beautiful.

All Wrapped Up

There was quite a bit of ham left over after dinner on Easter, so I made – yep made, cooked AGAIN – a tasty Ham and Egg Bake.   You mix it all up, throw it in a baking dish and refrigerate over night then bake it the next day.  You refrigerate it covered…and I thought the cooking part was hard!  So here’s me:

Only substitute the yarn with CLING WRAP!  Whoever invented it should be shot.  There’s a reason that I’ve been faithful to Reynolds Wrap my entire adult life – it’s docile and understands its purpose; it doesn’t feel the need to attack you and be uncooperative.  There isn’t anything that Reynolds Wrap won’t stay attached to, but if you finally win the battle with Cling Wrap and get it off the role in some semblance of a rectangle, it concedes the battle but is still determined to win the war, and won’t stick to anything except glass!  But fear not, this is a success story:  that Cling Wrap went DOWN and I baked its ass in the oven and it’s much more accommodating today.


One Response to “Random Babbling Today”

  1. Knitgirl63 said

    That’s so sad about that lady in church. Strange as it may sound -what a perfect place and a perfect day to pass on. I never thought I’d say there would be a ‘perfect’ time but maybe this is it.

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