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Stop The Madness

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 29, 2008

Kids? Somewhere. Husband? I think so. Job? Some day. Sleep? Over-rated. Food? That’d be great – thanks! Looking back over the last week or so, it all started with the seemingly innocuous act of “pulling on one little thread,” and it just keeps unraveling: I cannot stop playing around with HTML and CSS code! It’s like a sickness, truly. By nature I absolutely love a good challenge; I’m stubborn and single-mindedly determined to succeed at something unless and until someone can offer me irrefutable proof that it cannot be done. But the more I search for solutions to an existing problem/desire/challenge, the more I find fun, new things that I could also do!  From little things like putting animated images in my sidebars, posts, pages; to figuring out how to overlay pictures (instead of just being side by side or in a straight column); to working with adjustable layers and creating “percentage bars” (you can see that I’m playing around with this still at the bottom of my left side-bar).

In and of itself this is not a bad thing at all – I’m learning something new; but my OCD’ing has also led me to forget to eat, time has no meaning in my home office (like being in a casino!), I haven’t picked up my knitting in 3 days, my cats have hit the piano keys more than I have, I couldn’t tell you what was on my To-Do list for last week…but I am having such a blast with this!  I think it’s such a wonderful accomplishment to look at something and think “I did that!”  Which is a big reason why I enjoy knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, etc…it’s a way to be creative and take pleasure (and at times pride) in making something with my own two hands and sometimes my own witto bwain.  I’m sure there are a million people out there who look at these things as “nothing” compared to all the possibilities – child’s play – but everyone has to start somewhere.

So some of you may have noticed my enlarged and bordered letters at the beginning of my paragraphs…something I discovered while writing this actually – see what I mean?!  I can’t stop!  I don’t think all this time spent was what my loving husband had in mind when he handed me 4 HTML and JavaScript books and an HTML editing disk to install on my computer.  At some point I’d like to attempt to either create my own website/domain or even just a style sheet.  But right now it’s already after 2:00pm, I have a million things I want to knit and I should think about getting an early dinner started (son has to work).  Does that mean I’m going to cook???  Technically the food DOES have to cook, but thankfully it’s all put together in a nice little frozen bag for me, just waiting to be reheated in a skillet.

Sun is out, temp is up (supposed to hit 50 today), snow is melting rapidly, windows are cracked open just a little bit, tunes are cranked up (Detroit Rock City by KISS at the moment)…it could only be better if it were 80 and I was out on the deck posting this!  Or knitting.  Or reading.  Or…anything outside.  Soon.

Oh look, I spelled KISS!  Must be a subliminal theme running here.  So I guess I’ll give ya’ll a kiss goodbye: 


4 Responses to “Stop The Madness”

  1. Patty said

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t stop laughing – the rotating smiley faces are great – you’ve gone over the edge, for sure. I’ll have to think of more challenges for you, ha ha, hee hee, ho ho…

  2. Jeanice said

    My dear, dear girl-you are just having too much fun!!! I should start learning all that stuff but then I would have one more obsession and I don’t have enough time to do justice to the ones I already have!!!

  3. Kim said

    You have gone hog wild! Glad you are having fun! This weekend, I discovered a whole bunch of new settings on my camera so I know how you feel.

  4. Miss T said

    Go outside. Breathe deeply of the fresh air. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. It will be okay.

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