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OCD Triumphant

Posted by MeTymeMN on April 3, 2008

You’d think that I just passed the bar exam for crying out loud, but I am still so excited:  I created my first button!!  Well, there’s two actually because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better (this is for the blog for the sock swap I’m in):


What’s sad is that it took me 3 days to do this, and all because I was listening to my son who insisted that I needed Photoshop to do this (“this” being to create the image itself that I had in mind); so I finally gave in after spending countless hours on the internet (researching how to make beveled edges on a photo without photo-manipulation software) and installed his old, unused Photoshop CD; and after spending countless hours trying to figure out how to use that puppy to get the effects I wanted…I ended up producing the results I was looking for exactly where I started in the first place before I was told “you won’t be able to do it in there” – POWERPOINT!  I had figured out Photoshop enough so that all I had to do was pop the whole image in there, click a button to select the bevel I wanted, save it, and voila.

I don’t even have a “pro” version of Photoshop and I’m convinced that you need a PhD to figure it out; or at least you need to understand photography and/or graphic design far better than I do.  If this were something I was going to do ‘seriously’ I’d probably take a class.  But don’t get me wrong – even with the frustrations it was a lot of fun and certainly educational to go through the whole process.

Next on the OCD list I believe is to figure out how to create just a little bit of animation.  But that can wait a couple of days since I’m quite a bit behind clackin’ my needles together!


One Response to “OCD Triumphant”

  1. Patty said

    I think you did a great job on the buttons, they really say ‘spring’ to me.

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