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Money Tree

Posted by MeTymeMN on April 5, 2008

SEE – they really do exist:


There isn’t a lot to this story, just…everything: the UPS guy showed up at my door with a box, and I opened it, and it was a Bonsai Tree (it’s called a Money Tree!), and it was from my BF Patty who appreciated me helping her with some blog/coding stuff; even though she knows that I LOVE doing it and that I view it as HER doing ME a favor when she lets me play around in her stuff.

There’s just nothing quite like the love of your best friend, who always seems to know exactly when you need a “hug,” is there?  For now, back atcha Cakers:


5 Responses to “Money Tree”

  1. Patty said

    Hey, that’s cool with the rocks, it really makes a statement. Rock on CP!

  2. Your new “money tree” is a Pachira Aquatica – Malabar Chestnut tree

  3. I have never heard of one of these flowering in an indoor setting. Normally they begin to flower when the tree reaches its adult size. I have seen one flower in a garden even though it was only 4 feet tall though. Make sure you water it enough as this tree is used to growing in swamps and otherwise very wet areas. It also needs a good deal of light.

  4. Miss T said


  5. Zelym said

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