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13, 14, 15: A Quick Math Lesson

Posted by MeTymeMN on April 22, 2008




This is just soooooo WRONG!  Let’s be clear – they’re not IN the house, but they’re pretty much all over the outside on the south side of the house where it’s warmest right now.

You can see all the icky blood and guts on #13 to the left…it wouldn’t die!  My neighbor finally came over and took pity on me, informing me that you need to chop it at the head before it’ll die.



I somehow managed to kill #14 to the right here while it was peeking out at me from this little crevice in front of the garage.  It’s still there, which is good because that means it really did die right away.



#15, who had been peeking out and witnessed the demise of its other family members, just as I was sucking in a big breath for yet another scream, beat a hasty retreat in another crevice before I could get to him.  But his days are numbered. 

I should mention that the number of snakes this spring is a combination of those at my house and those next door at the neighbors.  Now she’s a real trooper – when she’s around she comes over and kills mine because I really have a tough time being anywhere near them.  And said neighbor actually had one get IN her house a couple years ago, so we are diligent about trying to control this from the onset.  I actually felt bad about killing the other ones; it’s not their fault they were born snakes.  I know they’re not poisonous and they don’t hurt anything or anyone, but GROOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!  So I may feel bad but not bad enough to let them live.  Sorry to any animal rights activists reading this; they may not cause physical harm but they definitely cause mental anguish.

In between my snake escapades I did manage to get one of my sock swap socks done; the other is on the needles right now.  Still love this pattern! 

I also start my lace class on Monday, and need to get a baby blanket done for my MN-Knice charity group on Ravelry (though I’m still waiting for my Mo-EZ crochet hooks so I can get started on the baby blanket; probably a good thing they haven’t arrived so I can get the other sock done).


It’s another pretty nice day here (mid-60’s) so of course the windows are open and a nice breeze is coming through in the office along with beautiful spring music:  



“I just want to say hi – I promise!” 


Good thing there’s a screen there.



5 Responses to “13, 14, 15: A Quick Math Lesson”

  1. Amy said

    Be very, very careful–if you have snakes close to your house, it doesn’t take much for them to get *in* the house. Especially in the fall, when they’re looking for a warm place to winter. And if you think the housing market is bad now, just try putting a house on the market that’s had snakes in it.

    Sign me, Speaks From Too Much Personal Experience

  2. Miss T said


  3. Yvonne said


    I’m in horror!! 😛

  4. Kim said

    That’s a veritable snake pit! Holy crap! Mail some of those snakes to me, I could use them for mouse and slug control. Love the blue socks so gorgeous!

  5. -*- said

    I have been on your blog for only about 30 sec and I am already so creeped out! I used to have nightmares about the ground being covered with snakes. I wouldn’t last one day.

    On another note…I can totally relate to your post regarding your son graduating from high school – my five kids range in age from 17 to 2. I can’t believe one will be a senior next year and one is still in diapers!

    Ok, I’m going to go back to really blog (and find out what state you live in so that I can never, ever move there!!!) Thanks for a great blog – I’m entertained already!

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