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Remember Elusive #15?

Posted by MeTymeMN on May 7, 2008


NO MORE, SISTA!!  Bye bye.

On the subject of garter snakes, the University of Minnesota says, “Remember that garter snakes are harmless to you and your pets and should not be killed.”  Uh-huh…

Okay, enough about death – onto LIFE!


Lets take a look at beautiful, living, GROWING things:


Not only is my precious peony still coming back from the assumed-dead, but see that little weed-looking thing to the right of it?  Haven’t seen that for 2 years; we assumed it died at the end of the ’06 season.  It escapes me exactly what it is, but you can tell it hadn’t surfaced last spring when we planted the peony or we wouldn’t have planted it so close!

My lace continues to prosper as well.  I’m so amazed by how “old” lace is and how “alive” it still is today; some of the more popular patterns I’ve seen go back hundreds of years!  I for one am very glad this style has survived.

My shawl is about 25% done.  Something finally just clicked for me and I’m clippin’ along much more quickly (though not fast) and with almost no errors – I even managed to do an entire pattern repeat WHILE watching TV last night and only had one little oops that I noticed right away when I’d made it.


That said…off to go work on it for a little while before the chillens get home.  Have a great day, everyone!


6 Responses to “Remember Elusive #15?”

  1. Yvonne said

    omg you know, now I’m all squeamish with the picture of #15 all dead up there. *shudder!!!!*

  2. Yvonne said

    BTW, how big was that? It looks like an anaconda!!!!! BLECH!!!!! (still squeamish)

  3. jamilynnfitz said

    Why would you kill a snake that eats roaches, spiders, and other critters. You couldn’t just wait for it to go away, you had to kill it by chopping off its head? I think killing a harmless creature like a garden/garter snake by whacking its head off is way more disgusting than just letting it go on its way. This just makes me sad. I hope you have a great day, try not to kill anything else.

  4. metyme said

    Now now, Jamilynnfitz, I’m all for freedom of speech and don’t censor these comments, but there’s no need to get nasty. If you can’t refrain from expressing your opinions – even those that differ and challenge others – in a respectful, friendly manner then I would prefer you not comment on my site.

  5. Kim said

    Off with its head! Yvonne & I were talking aobut your Indiana Jones-esque snake problem. That peony plant is just wild looking. It’s like Irish moss on a stick.

  6. Patty said

    I’m with you, Yvonne and Kim – chop chop, who needs him?

    I’ll have to tell hubby about the peony, he’ll be shocked it’s back!

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