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A Nooner

Posted by MeTymeMN on May 21, 2008

If there is such a thing, I’m pretty sure I’d win the BAD BLOGGER AWARD this month – less so because of my own posts here and more so because I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to get to some of my favorite blogs and comment/chat with people!  It’s shortly after noon here so I thought I’d just throw a quick little post together while I have a few minutes.

Aside from graduation and party preparations, and almost fearful to say this out loud for fear of jynxing myself, job interviewing has picked up considerably.  This is obviously a good thing and a good reason for being so busy right now.  A couple of them are moving along very positively, so I have all of my digits crossed hoping that one of them pans out.  Feel free to send all good mojo this way!  I can’t complain too much about having the last couple of years off, but it’s definitely time to get back into the working world again.

Is it snowing anywhere else right now???  Our house backs up to a little forest, and in that little forest (as well as our yard) are poplar trees, and from those poplar trees come these little seeds/pods that produce little cotton puffs.  It truly does look like it’s snowing!  It was so bad yesterday, in fact, that my husband had to put something over his nose and mouth while he was mowing the lawn because you breath it in just being outside.  Most annoying when it’s all over the garage, the house, the deck furniture; most compelling when you start to wonder how much yarn you could possibly have made with all of this… 🙂 I haven’t yet figured out how to compress video or I would have shot some footage of it.

I am 2 repeats of the main pattern, plus the border and edging, away from completing my shawl.  I have my blocking wires on order (thanks, Miss T!) and pray that they get here in the next week or so because I REALLY want to wear this to my son’s graduation ceremony.  I have fallen so madly in love with lace that I just joined a group called Seasons of Lace…it is so jam-packed full of contests, prizes, etc., that I couldn’t possibly list it all here; but you can check it out via the link.  My whole desire to learn and knit lace started by seeing a picture of a scarf out on Ravelry – it’s the Melon Pattern Scarf by Jane Sowerby, in Victorian Lace Today (I couldn’t find a picture to use right now that would most likely not violate some kind of copyright infringement…but I’ll be sure to include one when I get started).  Next thing I know I’m taking a lace class, have purchased the book for the pattern, and splurged – SPLURGED – on 100% Silk lace-weight yarn to make this in!  Check out this color – it’s called Copper Pennies!  So since I was going to be doing this over the summer anyway, and the Summer of Lace ‘season’ runs from June 21st through September 23rd, I figured it would be fun to do this “with” a bunch of other people.  And God help me I’m already thinking about what to do for WINTER of Lace!  In the event that I get finished with the Melon Scarf and have time for another lace project by the September 23rd deadline, Kat (I lead a pretty boring life and sometimes live vicariously through her blog!  Kim’s too!) was selling some of her stash and this one just cried out to me: 

These are so totally my colors!  Are you starting to see a “fall” color palette?  So I’m hoping to do another lace scarf with this yarn.

If I take you back up to the very top of this post, it’s titled “Nooner” because I was going to quickly throw this together around the lunch hour – and I did start writing this at that time…it’s now 5:06pm and I am just getting back in here to finish it.  That time also signifies that it’s time to get the grill fired up for dinner – it’s a good brat night…wonder what they’ll taste like with a cotton coating??!!

If I don’t get back out here in the next few days, everyone have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend!  BE SAFE and have fun (in that order)!


3 Responses to “A Nooner”

  1. Ann said

    I’m on a lace knitting kick right now too! I’ve got a lacy sweater started, the Hemlock Ring afghan almost done and yarn for several lace shawls on order. Whew! We should get together and knit before you have to go back to work – it’ll happen soon I just know it.

  2. Yvonne said

    Very cool colors. The lace bug must be in the air…I’m going lace this summer! ACK!! I’ve got to admit, I was rather relieved that there were no snake pictures in this post. 😉

  3. Kim said

    Cracks me up that you live vicariously through my blog because I am pretty boring! 95% of my day is spent either in a cubicle or sleeping. Loves that new yarn!

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