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The Winds of Change

Posted by MeTymeMN on June 19, 2008

WOW – it’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted. I have been pretty swamped over the past couple of weeks with a number of things. First and foremost: I have my first high school graduate now!!! It was a wonderful ceremony, and OF COURSE I cried. My son is extremely gifted in the voice department and has been in choir with church when he was younger and in school since the first grade. He’s made all of the “best of the best” sub-groups in the school choirs, received countless “Superior” ratings at choir competitions and even won the North Campus Idol competition in 10th grade with two of his friends. With the exception of two of the regional competitions and when his choir sang at Carnegie Hall in New York last year, I’ve taped everything he’s ever done!  Long story short, he wanted to quit choir this year, I said no, so he got himself kicked out.  I was devastated and cried for two weeks straight.  So when a few weeks before graduation the choir director extended the olive branch and asked Ryan to come back and sing with the choir at the graduation commencement ceremony…the waterworks started all over again and I walked around with a goofy smile on my face all that day! I made it through the ceremony up until the end when the choir sang America The Beautiful; then I lost it. Which made it really difficult to tape him. But even after all of this time, in a group of over 100 kids, I can still pick HIM out; I can still hear HIM among everyone else. Damn I love that boy.

The quality is not the best in either one, but here is his North Campus Idol performance (the judged performance was actually done earlier in the day and this was an open-to-the-public performance that evening): 

And this is America The Beautiful from his commencement ceremony; the band does a beautiful lead-in, but if you’re pressed for time you can skip ahead exactly 2 minutes:

So a lot of time is spent right now getting ready for his graduation party, along with attending a lot of his friends’ graduation parties. And of course dealing with all of the storm damage with the house. On top of all of that…I finally got a job (I haven’t been working for 2 years now)!! So I’m going back into the same field I was – IT – for a great company that’s in a whole different industry (which is what I wanted) and is only a 20 minute drive for me from my house! I really am so excited to start…which is next Monday (6/23), the day after said graduation party!

YOU BET I’ll be buying yarn now that I have money again – woooo hooooo!! Not going too hog wild yet because I don’t want to build up the stash I finally managed down, but it’s just a great feeling knowing I CAN if I WANT to.

My shawl is DONE!  Tooting my own horn: not too shabby; I can’t wait to wear it.     

Then I’ll cast on here for my Seasons of Lace: Summer of Lace item, the Melon Pattern Scarf; excited to get that started as well. I’ve got a shrug on another pair of needles right now as well, and that’s as much as I can do all at one time otherwise I’ll be too mentally overwhelmed – especially with all of the other non-fiber-related things going on.

I finished my Saucy Spring Sock Swap socks…not the ones that I had posted about earlier because those were FAKE! Well the SOCKS were real, but those weren’t really the ones for my partner because my partner in this swap ended up being my best friend! She’s even the one who picked out/up the yarn for me at Yarnover (unbeknownst to her of course)! So I had to pretend that the socks I made with the yarn she picked up for me were THE socks for the swap. In the meantime I’m scrambling to make another pair with completely different yarn I went out and purchased, but I can’t blog about it because she reads my blog!!! I had to be vewy vewy sneaky. Thankfully she WAS surprised that it was ME and seems to truly love the socks and goodies that I sent along. You can see pictures of everything out on her blog.  It’s probably also a good thing that it turned out this way – having made two pairs – because the partner who is making the socks for me hasn’t sent them yet (deadline was June 6); she says she plans on getting them done/sent – and I certainly hope so – but just in case I at least DO have a pair I can wear.

I started blogging while I was unemployed and home all day, and it is my sincere desire to keep doing it after I go back to work again…but I’m also realistically expecting that it won’t be as much or as often. I sure will have lots of great things to blog about here over the summer though, so I hope you’ll stay tuned!


4 Responses to “The Winds of Change”

  1. Yvonne said

    WOW, that shawl is awesome!! Congrats on your first high school graduate. You deserve to be a proud mom!!

  2. Miss T said

    Beautiful work on the shawl! It’s gorgeous.

  3. Ann said

    Congratulations on your new job! I’m glad you got what you wanted – that was a long haul for you wasn’t it. I hope you just love it.

  4. Patty said

    Oh CP, I can’t wait to see the shawl on Sunday. It’s absolutely gorgeous! 🙂


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