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I’m Still Alive!

Posted by MeTymeMN on July 14, 2008

I am in no way shape or form complaining about having a job or even specifically my job, but MAN is it hard to get back into the swing of things after being home for two years! Sometimes I’m embarrassed and feel old because I’m just pooped when I get home at night; it’s not like I have a physical job or fall into the blue-collar genre – I’m white collar and just THINK for a living for crying out loud! 🙂

Speaking of job – I absolutely love mine; I’ve been known to pinch myself in the middle of the day making sure that it’s not just a dream while simultaneously wondering what I did to deserve such blessings.  The job is great; company’s great; location is great; staff and co-workers are great…sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

Knitting.  I almost remember what that is.  If it wasn’t for my best friend suggesting a girls’ day over the weekend it would have been a couple weeks since I even picked it up…though come to think of it I did get to do a couple hours of clickin’ and clackin’ over the 4th of July weekend when traveling to/from my in-laws in WI.  So as I type this I have 3/4 of the last row and then the bind-off on my shrug and I can block that FO and finally wear it!  I’m really pleased with how it turned out – I did it up in a soft/muted mustard-yellowish color; I’ll post pictures for sure because that description doesn’t even sound appealing. 

I’m also ashamed to say that I haven’t yet cast-on for my Summer of Lace project 😦 that started on June 21.  Ugh!  I wanted to finish the shrug before I started another lace project.  So it is my sincere desire and PLAN to case-on at some point this week, this weekend at the latest.  I don’t think it’ll take me two months to finish it (Melon Pattern Scarf), but then again I never really thought I’d go two weeks without knitting anything either!

I received my socks from my partner in the Saucy Spring Sock Swap and she included a ton of goodies and treats to compensate for being late in getting them shipped off.  Presents will always work!  You can see pictures here:

So you know that #1 graduated last month…well #2 turns 16 today!  <sniff, sniff…my baby!>  He’s living with his dad for most of the summer in order to work for his uncle (it’s only 40 miles away) in their cabinet shop; I’m all for future planning and this kid wants a car REAL bad!  Good – goals are good!

I’m fading quickly here so need to wrap this up.  Hope everyone’s doing well, and for my DE Tuesday night friends – I WILL be back, I promise!!!!!!  I miss you guys!!!


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  1. Miss T said

    There are jobs like that???

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