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Another Auld Lang Syne

Posted by MeTymeMN on December 28, 2008

Five months 😳 after my last post, I noticed that I’m coming up on my 1 year Blogoversary next month.  Why is it that when we’re younger we want time to move more quickly because we’re so anxious to grow up, but once we’re adults we find ourselves frequently wanting time to slow down??! 

It’s certainly been a humbling look back through 2008.  There are so many things to mention, but so little time (almost my bed time and both hubby and I are sick so am trying to rest)…so I’ll stick to just the highlights:

😀 My oldest graduated high school and just completed his first freshman semester at college.  We’re still waiting to see his final grades but are cautiously optimistic that he made as much time for his studies as he does for his computer.

😯 My youngest got his drivers license.  He’s a great driver, but still scary to hand him the keys and watch him walk out the door.

😛 I went back to work again after a two-year hiatus. Even after six months now, I still don’t remember how I did it before when I worked full time, raised two kids and a husband (!), ran some semblence of a house and had time for things like knitting. Knitting? What’s that? I do absolutely positively love my job and thank God for it every day.

😆 I learned about blogging! I even went so far as to get into HTML and CSS code and learned some pretty funky things that can be visually displayed on a web page! Practice makes perfect, so having been away from this for a bit it wasn’t surprising that I remembered little about how to do things like indent paragraphs and had to go back and look at previous posts. At the same time, I was directed to – and signed up with – Ravelry! Though I’m a bit behind in keeping up with that, too, I still think it’s one of the best things to hit the net (which I’m sure you can’t appreciate unless you knit/crochet/craft)!

😛 I discovered Double Ewe Yarn Shop, met some incredibly wonderful people and even branched out and (for a while anyway, before the work thing started again) joined a KAL on Tuesday nights. Like a lot of things right now, this one has taken a back burner to other things but I miss it – the people, the comraderie, sneaking those purchases into the house at the bottom of my project bag and doing the old “of course that’s not new, it’s been upstairs in the closet forever!” But getting back there is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

8) My husband and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary at Wisconsin Dells. That was the first time I’d been there and thoroughly enjoyed three days of soaking up the sun by/in the wave pool; alone with my husband. Very relaxing and very overdue.

😯 Had another fantastic and blessed Christmas, but was blown away when hubby – who swore he would never do this – gifted me with a beautiful necklace and earrings! I’m behind on the picture taking thing, too, but will get something out here this week while I’m off (hopefully!). Cried of course, more because of the sentiment and the thought/love behind it.

I know there are probably things I’m forgetting, but these are the ones that stick in my mind.  There were of course some very challenging events and situations, but those are the things that make us stronger; that make us survivors; that round everything out and allow us to count our blessings and realize that there will always be people who are less fortunate than we are, to give back and forward where we can and be thankful for what we have.

On that note, I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, blessed 2009!


2 Responses to “Another Auld Lang Syne”

  1. Ann said

    Hey girl! Great to hear from you!! Hope to see you sometime – soon right?

  2. knitgirl63 said

    See you the 17th, CP!

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