Bits & pieces of my crazy world…


I’m a midwest freeze-baby who hibernates in the Winter and never takes one minute for granted in the Spring and Summer.  Hibernation offers the perfect time for knitting (and some crocheting), playing the piano and reading.  Oh – and now blogging!  I must have experienced my mid-life crisis (God I hope there’s only one of them) a couple years ago because I turned 40, quit my job and started down my own “bucket list” with taking piano lessons.  I’m absolutely addicted to the piano and play as often as I can.  I’ll probably be taking lessons for the next 20 years, mostly because I have an awesome piano teacher and thoroughly enjoy our lessons.  I’m as anal with my piano playing as I am with everything else I dub creative or crafty; it’s a sickness.

I’m married with two teenage boys and 3 beautiful daughters (well I consider our cats daughters since I didn’t have any human ones) who rarely provide me with a dull day.  If there is a dull day then I’m suspiscious.

By nature I would say I’m not instinctively an ‘open book,’ but I do love the idea of sharing common interests and meeting new people/making new friends.  I think I’m terribly shy, but those who know me laugh at the idea; guess that means I’m effective at faking an extrovert personality!

If you stop by I hope you’ll say ‘yo!’


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kelly said

    What a fun blog!
    And yeah…I would NEVER have pegged you as shy. Never. 😉

  2. froginapot said

    Wow! I was just looking through your ‘finished projects’ your work is beautiful. I especially like the Baby Uggs.

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