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A Nooner

Posted by MeTymeMN on May 21, 2008

If there is such a thing, I’m pretty sure I’d win the BAD BLOGGER AWARD this month – less so because of my own posts here and more so because I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to get to some of my favorite blogs and comment/chat with people!  It’s shortly after noon here so I thought I’d just throw a quick little post together while I have a few minutes.

Aside from graduation and party preparations, and almost fearful to say this out loud for fear of jynxing myself, job interviewing has picked up considerably.  This is obviously a good thing and a good reason for being so busy right now.  A couple of them are moving along very positively, so I have all of my digits crossed hoping that one of them pans out.  Feel free to send all good mojo this way!  I can’t complain too much about having the last couple of years off, but it’s definitely time to get back into the working world again.

Is it snowing anywhere else right now???  Our house backs up to a little forest, and in that little forest (as well as our yard) are poplar trees, and from those poplar trees come these little seeds/pods that produce little cotton puffs.  It truly does look like it’s snowing!  It was so bad yesterday, in fact, that my husband had to put something over his nose and mouth while he was mowing the lawn because you breath it in just being outside.  Most annoying when it’s all over the garage, the house, the deck furniture; most compelling when you start to wonder how much yarn you could possibly have made with all of this… 🙂 I haven’t yet figured out how to compress video or I would have shot some footage of it.

I am 2 repeats of the main pattern, plus the border and edging, away from completing my shawl.  I have my blocking wires on order (thanks, Miss T!) and pray that they get here in the next week or so because I REALLY want to wear this to my son’s graduation ceremony.  I have fallen so madly in love with lace that I just joined a group called Seasons of Lace…it is so jam-packed full of contests, prizes, etc., that I couldn’t possibly list it all here; but you can check it out via the link.  My whole desire to learn and knit lace started by seeing a picture of a scarf out on Ravelry – it’s the Melon Pattern Scarf by Jane Sowerby, in Victorian Lace Today (I couldn’t find a picture to use right now that would most likely not violate some kind of copyright infringement…but I’ll be sure to include one when I get started).  Next thing I know I’m taking a lace class, have purchased the book for the pattern, and splurged – SPLURGED – on 100% Silk lace-weight yarn to make this in!  Check out this color – it’s called Copper Pennies!  So since I was going to be doing this over the summer anyway, and the Summer of Lace ‘season’ runs from June 21st through September 23rd, I figured it would be fun to do this “with” a bunch of other people.  And God help me I’m already thinking about what to do for WINTER of Lace!  In the event that I get finished with the Melon Scarf and have time for another lace project by the September 23rd deadline, Kat (I lead a pretty boring life and sometimes live vicariously through her blog!  Kim’s too!) was selling some of her stash and this one just cried out to me: 

These are so totally my colors!  Are you starting to see a “fall” color palette?  So I’m hoping to do another lace scarf with this yarn.

If I take you back up to the very top of this post, it’s titled “Nooner” because I was going to quickly throw this together around the lunch hour – and I did start writing this at that time…it’s now 5:06pm and I am just getting back in here to finish it.  That time also signifies that it’s time to get the grill fired up for dinner – it’s a good brat night…wonder what they’ll taste like with a cotton coating??!!

If I don’t get back out here in the next few days, everyone have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend!  BE SAFE and have fun (in that order)!


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Little Tiny Feet & Big Huge Canis Lupus Familiaris

Posted by MeTymeMN on April 1, 2008

Say what??  Canis Lupus Familiaris is “dog!”  I didn’t know that either.  See how educational I can be?


100_0169.jpg100_0168.jpgI’ve been a bit distracted with my tech-head geekiness lately and forgot to post my latest finished projects.  The first is just an adorable pair of little “Baby Uggs.”  They were just too cute not to knit up.  It takes very little yarn and less than a day to make a pair (and probably less than that for knitters who do not have ADD and don’t get distracted with a million other things).


100_0166-1.jpgThe second project is my finished Snood for the MN Greyhound Rescue Organization.  I blogged about this a little while ago.  This one, too, is very easy and very quick to knit up.  I’m on a cable binge right now so was excited to volunteer my time on something that had me knitting cables. 












Next on the block:  who can decide?  I’m thinking of taking a Lace class at DE and would make an accessory scarf…but I also really want to get my vest finished…and then the sock swap is going to start up pretty quick here…but I still haven’t done my Mother Bear yet either…and I had a great idea for another market bag.  Sigh.  Such pressures I’m under. 🙂

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The SWEET Look and Feel of Spending $$ to Save $$

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 4, 2008

As I’d mentioned before with regard to the Experimental Market Bag and the Diamond Six Market Bag, one of my local yarn stores Double Ewe is having a promotion – make a ‘string’ or ‘market’ bag with yarn purchased at DE and whatever you can fit in there is 20% off.

√Step 1: Make bag.  √Step 2: SHOP AND FILL BAG!


It doesn’t look like there’s a lot in there…














…but sometimes looks are blessedly deceiving!












I got all that wonderful yarn (and even a pattern)…and I saved $20!!!  That’s 2,515 yards of yarn – Misti Alpaca, Crystal Palace microacrylic/nylon, Austermann Schurwolle superwash wool, Cascade Cotton Rich DK, KOCT Ty-Dy and Malabrigo Merino wool – for about $.31/yard!  If that’s not cost-justification then I don’t know what is (and I don’t want to know either)!


I just signed up for “Stash Knit Down 2008” on Ravelry, the intent being a commitment to shopping at MOLYS (my own local yarn shop, a.k.a. my closet) and using up at least some of the yarn I already have before purchasing any more.  See…the thing is, I have 3 more balls of yarn that I NEED(!) to get because DE doesn’t carry them, sooo…well thankfully yarn diets are flexible like food diets – I’ll start tomorrow!

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Take the Greyhound to Knitsville

Posted by MeTymeMN on March 2, 2008

I’m shouting out to all the knitting, dog-loving, cold-sympathizing folks for a little help with some Greyhound dogs in need of knitted warmth!  A fellow knitting friend is organizing an effort to help make ‘cowls’ for these dogs…here is the story behind it and what is needed.  Please shoot me an email at if you’re interested in making a cowl  so I can help my friend get a feel for volume and provide you with the information on where to send them. 

If you’d like a copy of the specific pattern shown in these photos, e-mail your request directly to, reference pattern title Dizzy Lily: A snood for a Hound  and that you’ll be making/donating these to the MN Greyhound Rescue Organization…then you get it for FREE; if not then you have to pay for the pattern. 

MN Greyhound Rescue
Why greyhounds? Well, if you’re not familiar with these wonderful dogs, you’re probably not aware of the groups that have sprung up all across the country that find good homes for greyhounds once their track careers are over. It used to be that when a racing dog was retired it was more often than not put to death. Now there is a nation-wide movement to stop this practice – it’s a win-win for everyone! 
It’s pretty obvious when you look at a greyhound that they are not built for the cold weather. They have less body fat than any other dog as a breed and individually they have no conditioning to doing anything but living in a kennel or running. Warm clothes are essential to a successful transition from athlete to companion.Cowls offer warmth up their long, graceful necks and cover the dogs’ very delicate ears. They’re quick to make and a great way to use up remnants.

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Posted by MeTymeMN on February 27, 2008

…a KNITTING PATTERN DESIGNER virgin, that is!  <I bet a hundred guys just clicked the hell out of THIS site!> 

One of my favorite local hang-outs, Double Ewe Yarn Shop, is having a promotion where if you knit a ‘string’ or ‘market’ bag (with yarn purchased from them) in the month of February, then during a specified time in March any yarn you can fit into that bag is 20% off!  Needless to say this sent my commitment not to buy anymore yarn until I used up what I already have right into the crapper; I’ll be saving money if I buy yarn!

I’ve never heard of nor seen a market or string bag before and found a ton of them on-line.  Thinking that I most likely would never actually take this thing into a market and put food (or anything else) into it, the vision in my head was to use it as a knit/crochet project bag.  So after looking at a gazillion of them I found a pretty simple pattern I liked and made my first one, which I called the Experimental Market Bag, which is the result of a couple modifications to a pattern called the Sunshine String Bag.  One of the things that really stood out for me when searching for a pattern is that for the most part they’re all pretty much the same – yarn-overs and k2tog’s or ssk’s in different combinations. 

So I’m psyched about this sale and enjoyed making my little bag, and of course had to share this cool little deal with my BF.  Now said BF doesn’t live all that close and doesn’t drive, so when she’s up here at my house we usually find ourselves doing a little yarn shopping on this end of town.  She’s never been to Double Ewe (I just found it myself a few weeks ago), and because she was so so busy getting ready to go to Stitches West in CA ($%^&*) I told her I’d make her a bag – with yarn I’d purchased at Double Ewe – and she, too, can send her commitment not to buy more yarn to the crapper and save 20%!  I wonder if she honored her other commitment not to buy anything when she was out at Stitches this time…!  Cakers, if you’re reading this and came back empty-handed, you have the iron will of a mountain!  If you didn’t come back empty-handed, that’s my girl!!!!!!

My original intent was to just make another one like I’d just done, but I started getting an image in my head of what a neat little market bag could look like…and subsequently spent the last week playing around with my idea trying to make it ‘work’ as a finished product.  Eventually my husband stopped asking me “are you ripping that all out AGAIN?!”  I think he gets it now!  🙂  The end result…<small drum roll please>…is the Diamond Six Market Bag.  Why Diamond Six?  Because it has six “diamonds” on it!  Am I a creative marketing guru or what??  I like the way it turned out – it’s 90% how I envisioned it in my head – but when it was all done my first thought was that the diamonds could have been bigger.

All in all, I guess I like it mostly because it’s my very first design, it’s functional and I’ll use it.

Now I’m off to start another idea that’s been floating around in my head…this one, if it turns out, might even merit a copyright (if there isn’t one already).  No idea where all these creative juices are flowing from…but as long as I have the time right now, why fight it?!

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